We are specializing in Fashionable fancy and plain Knitted fabrics, yarn dyed, prints and various finishes for medium-to-higher end market with friendly order quantities, best delivery and competitive prices.



           We offer Reactive Digital Printing and Sublimation (Transfer) Printed on both synthetic and natural fibre fabrics, specialising in high-quality viscose , polyester , nylon , silk and cotton printing for fashion Fabrics in womenswear , menswear and kidswear.

           Small minimums and quick turn around offers a wide range of businesses as well as individuals an opportunity to prototype their designs onto a variety of base cloths.

           Collection of digitally printed fabrics. We create about 150 designs per season exclusively according to customers’ requests. Large range of trendy designs for exclusive products. Printed fabrics for seasonal and collections.

           All our printing results in washable and colour-fast end-products, with vibrant colour and a high level of print detail.

           Besides , We can provide you Rotation printing up to 12 colors with max. 64 cm rapport size for Reactive, pigment and discharged printed fabrics and no use of azo dye chemicals.

           Special finishings and coatings such as Emboss , Foil and etc. are also available upon on customer's request.

           For detailed information please contact us


           Woven / Specific Weaves : georgette crepe, bengaline, jacquard, muslin-chiffon, duchesse satin

           Tube or open-wide productions are done in our knitting plant depending on our customer’s demand . Knitted fabric production can be done from 26 inch-wide to 34 inch-wide depending on their types.

           We manufacture any and all kinds of fancy and plain knit fabrics in types of Scuba , Punto di Roma , Milano , Plain Knitted , Stripper Knitted , JacquardKnitted ,Single Jersey, Single Jersey with Lycra, Crepe , French terry, Two & Three Thread, French terry with Lycra, Three Thread with Lycra, Pique, Rib, Rib with Lycra, Transferable Ribanas, Waffle, Interlock and different weaves of knitting types.

           With yarn types of Viscose , Polyester , Cotton , Organic Cotton , Rayon , Siro Viscose , Modal ,Tencel , Ecovero , Micromodal , Viloft , Refibra , Recyle Yarn , Elastan and it’s blends could be produced depending on our customer’s requests.


           Medical Textiles is a part of Technical Textiles. The number of applications range from the simple cleaning wipe to the advanced barrier fabrics used for operating rooms. We ,as Ozguven Fabrics , are working with high level suppliers to serve you better and delivers total control of all sourcing and supplier management processes.

           Our medical protective clothings are made of highly efficient filtering protective materials and are compact in structure and can effectively block liquids and particulates.

           Our products are designed in accordance with the actual application environment.The cuffs of the products are elastically designed to make them more secure and protective,the elastic waistband makes us more flexible and convenient at work. Products are widely used in clean workshops in hospitals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, laboratories and other industries.

           All Productions are according to the national medical production license. All products have undergone safety inspection before leaving the factory, and have obtained product quality inspection certificates and relevant qualification certificates.


           We create, develop and supply sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics for our customers, brands and clothing companies. All the products we supply are traced and certified from the source of the raw material to the production process.

           Ozguven Fabrics offering to our customer's a large assortment of eco-friendly and socially produced fabrics in which are produced from either organic or renewable fibres and are environmentally friendly. We are convinced that organic and fair-trade fabrics are better for our world.

           Our eco-friendly fabrics are made of organic ( GOTS ) and fairtrade ( BCI ) cotton, Recyled Pet Polyester , Bamboo , organic linen, hemp and organic wool.

           Transparency and traceability are very important for us. So we supply & sell only fabrics certified by independent certification agencies.


           Keep yourself protected and slow the spread of disease by wearing a face mask. Cloth face masks are washable and reusable, and are available in many styles . We are now producing non medical Multilayer face masks in minimalist and patterned styles that might offer a brief mood boost, These masks come in a handful of colors / desings and are available to buy in single, pairs, or a multi-pack.

           These soft, breathable, reusable fabric face mask is made of three layers of knitted fabric with cotton and polyester, carefully made in a clean environment from durable and non allergic materials. You can wash them and reuse them for a long time also is treated with natural antimicrobial agent that can last for a long time, even after multiple washings. We are also accepting custom designs and special requests ,


           This is not a medical mask and not designed to prevent Harmful Microorganisms.

           This is not a Sterile disposable Medical Mask and needs to be washed or soaked in boiling water properly for disinfection before / after each use.

           Non Medical Masks do not guarantee full protection.

           It just help to filter Dust, droplets and may prevent unconsciously touching your face or spreading the droplets during cough and sneezing.